6 thoughts on “Register now for the 2015 NSO National and Regional CBC Meeting

  • kericlark


    The link for the national CBC form is not working on my system. Please advise

    • Please tell me which link you are referring to. What is the post date?

      • kericlark


        It is on the NSO web site. There words “Fill out the registration form here.” appears to be an active link but when I click on it, nothing appears. I’ve copied and pasted the info from the NSO we site under the heading “Register now for the 2015 NSO National and Regional CBA Meeting.”

        Posted on September 10, 2015 by Miriam

        Presidents and Bargaining Chairs will be meeting Nov. 6-7 at the New Tropicana Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas for national and regional updates on bargaining. Regional CBC meetings will be held on Friday, with the National CBC meeting all day Saturday. Fill out the registration form here.

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        • The link it opening for me on different computers. It will open in a new window, it is a PDF file. If you send me your email address I can just send it to you if it won’t open.

  • LaTasha


    the link for the NSO CBC is not working. I am already registered, but need the hotel and agenda information. Can you send it to me?

    • Miriam


      Please explain to me exactly what you are clicking on and what happens? We have been having some issues with links.

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