Membership survey results will help with member engagement efforts

The results are in from the NSO Membership Engagement Survey circulated to NSO members last fall. More than 1,000 members responded to questions which provided demographic data, along with information on member needs and interests.

Of the 687 professional staff members who responded, 28 percent have five years or less on the job, while 13 percent have more than 20 years. The majority of professional staff has five to 12 years of seniority.

For the 354 associate staff members who took the survey, 26 percent have less than five years of experience and 13 percent have been on the job for more than 20 years. As with professional staff, the majority of associate staff has five to 12 years of experience.

The survey’s member demographics show 30 percent of both professional and affiliate staff members plan to retire in the next three to nine years, with 10 percent of them retiring in the next three years. This loss of senior staff means NSO and its affiliates will need to recruit new members to take on leadership roles.

The response to survey questions asking respondents what skill development or training they and their affiliates need is critical to NSO program and event planning.

The associate staff identified conflict management and advocacy skill development as their top personal professional needs. They felt their affiliates most needed bargaining assistance and leadership development.

For professional staff, technology skill development topped the list for their professional development needs. They identified internal organizing and leadership development as a need in their affiliates.

As for next steps, Region 7 Director Catherine Alexander, Membership Engagement Committee Chair, said, “We’re very excited about the number of members who took the time to complete the survey. We gathered important information that NSO will use to inform programming decisions, to better understand who are members are and what they need from NSO, and to recruit members to train and provide advocacy to their colleagues.”

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  • Jeanne Beyer


    I wonder whether Retired NSO members were included on this survey. I assume every members was not invited, but a random sample was used. Did it include Retired NSO members? Thank you.

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