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Emerging Issues Panel

NSO hosted an Emerging Issues panel on Thursday afternoon to discuss the challenges facing our staff unions. Preparing for contentious bargaining, Janus, the loss of payroll deduction, right to work and other issues were addressed during the panel organized by Kelly Compeau of Pennsylvania. “Surviving is what we do best” Rich Grady said while laying out the issues facing […]

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Emerging Issues – 2015 Representative Assembly

Themes: Concessions Bargaining in a concessionary climate Health care concessions Member apathy Recommendations: Member apathy – theme Communicate to local members more Educate members on the value of union Engage members Associate Staff Positions/Work Declining /disappearing associate staff positions In eight states – 100 positions lost NSO can have a panel discussion/task force on how […]

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Emerging Issues – 2015 Winter Advocacy Retreat

Each time NSO members gather for a major function, such as the Winter Advocacy Retreat or the Representative Assembly, they have the opportunity to participate in an Emerging Issues session. Members have the chance to discuss the impact of current issues on their local affiliates across the county and on NSO in general. At the […]