NSO Elections

2018 NSO Election Notice

An election will be held at the 2018 Representative Assembly for the following NSO Executive Committee positions for a two-year term commencing June 10, 2018 and expire on June 13, 2020:


Vice President for Defense

Vice President for Program



Region 2 Director

Region 4 Director

Region 6 Director

Any active NSO member is eligible to run for the above-mentioned positions. In accordance with the NSO Constitution and Bylaws, a candidate must submit a Candidate Petition signed by at least (3) three active NSO members and submit such petition to the NSO Secretary, Dawn Basurto ( dawnbasurto@gmail.com) no later than 10 a.m. on June 10, 2018 (Article VIII, Section 1).

Contact your affiliate president, the NSO Secretary, or download the Candidate’s Petition.

Any member may be nominated from the floor at the annual Representative Assembly. The nominee must be a member in good standing of NSO and submit a Candidate Petition with the signatures of three (3) active NSO members. (Article VIII, Section 2).

Election rules and regulations are found in the NSO Campaign Rules and Election Regulations.

Candidate Petition for NSO Office 

Campaign and Election Rules