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Emerging Issues Panel

NSO hosted an Emerging Issues panel on Thursday afternoon to discuss the challenges facing our staff unions. Preparing for contentious bargaining, Janus, the loss of payroll deduction, right to work and other issues were addressed during the panel organized by Kelly Compeau of Pennsylvania. “Surviving is what we do best” Rich Grady said while laying out the issues facing […]

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A great start for the 2018 NSO WAR College!

NSO’s 2018 Winter Advocacy “United to Meet Our Challenges and Opportunities” kicked off to a great start on Thursday morning.  Over 350 NSO members showed up ready to attend sessions so they can gain knowledge and skills to take back home to their staff union.  15 new sessions were added to the session series this […]

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Are you sure you’re ready? #1: Why Janus and Other Anti-Union Challenges Matter

Most everyone knows by now that the Supreme Court has agreed to hear Janus v. AFSCME, a case challenging the constitutionality of “fair share” or “agency fee”.  With the appointment of Neil Gorsuch, virtually all SCOTUS observers anticipate a ruling declaring these fees unconstitutional as violating the First Amendment rights of public sector employees.   […]

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CBC Information

There are two CBC meetings this year. The following is basic information for each one. For more information on the meetings please contact Catherine Alexander.

Register now for NSO’s 2018 Winter Advocacy Retreat Read more

Register now for NSO’s 2018 Winter Advocacy Retreat

The Retreat is being held January 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency in Sarasota, FL.  You will be able to gain knowledge and enhance your skills necessary to endure the many attacks that are launched against your members. Participants have to register online by November 10, 2017. Use the session descriptions and the program grid to make your session selections. You can also make your hotel reservations online through December 6, 2017. Be […]

Darjean ‘s Message “Building for the Future: Are you Ready?” Establishes We Are On The Right Footing As a Collective Read more

Darjean ‘s Message “Building for the Future: Are you Ready?” Establishes We Are On The Right Footing As a Collective

By Kenya Spearman, CSO/NSO In the company of over 273 delegates, 21 guests, 13 executive committee members, Brad Darjean delivered his first NSO President’s message to galvanize NSO brothers and sisters from across the country to take on the mantle of solidarity, promise and hope for NSO and its affiliate organizations. 

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Interested in presenting at the 2018 WAR College?

The 2018 WAR Request for Proposal is now available for download. Please complete the following form and return it to Catherine Alexander at nsovp.program@gmail.com no later than Friday, August 18, 2017. The entire form must be complete to be considered. Incomplete forms may result in your RFP not being considered.

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Applications now being accepted for Harvard Trade Union Program

The Harvard Trade Union Program is an intensive six (6) week program designed for trade union leaders.  The dates for the 107th session are fromJanuary 8th – February 16th, 2018.  It is comparable to the advanced education that Harvard University offers to executive level individuals in Business and Government.  It teaches the essential skills necessary to effectively […]