2017 NSO Winter Advocacy Retreat begins

NSO President Brad Darjean

NSO President Brad Darjean welcomed more than 250 participants to the Retreat by letting them know they will be experiencing NSO’s signature event.

“This is an opportunity to get together as peers to meet, learn, share ideas and celebrate their union,” Darjean said. “The training is provided by fellow union brothers and sisters and gives members the skills to deal with the challenges they face.”

The Retreat is featuring 22 new sessions on topics such as crisis communications, generational diversity, and unionism.

Another first is the use of online session evaluations instead of paper ones. Because NSO is now using CVent, an online event registration program, participants will be receiving personalized evaluations to complete after the Retreat is over.

Beverly Dore has been on staff for four years in South Carolina and is a first-time attendee at the Retreat. She’s interested in sessions that will help her be a better advocate for her members like The Politics of Crisis Communication and Understanding Workplace bullying.

Michelle Raphael and Mike Wiesen are both first-time attendees to NSO’s 2017 Winter Advocacy Retreat. They’re both anxious to learn different perspectives on employment issue that their fellow union brothers and sisters can offer. Nebraska is facing many changes like a more senior staff, new board members and losing staff to retirement. Mike has been on staff for 15 years and Michelle is in her second year in Nebraska.

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